Otter Obsession – Backpacks

Photo: Herschelsupply/Instagram

Even before backpacks started to pop up on runway shows and in fashion editorials, we had been a fan of them.

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There is something so classic and practical about a backpack that we can’t get enough of them.

Of course, since the fashion industry has found a stride within this category, we have become obsessed with all of the styles on the market.

  • Need a fashionable backpack for the office? There’s one.
  • Need a functional backpack for an Otterlicious adventure? There’s one.
  • Need a fun backpack that is able to go wherever your day takes you? There’s one.

Here are some of our fashionable, functional and fun backpack picks for this week’s Otter Obsession.

Rebecca Minkoff



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Papua Handmade


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Sloane Ranger

Herschel Supply


How we love functional fashion.