Model Spotlight – Johannes Huebl

Photo: Johannes Huebl/Instagram

Johannes Huebl grew up in Hannover, Germany, and he has worked with clients that include: Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic and others.

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Yet, it’s not the fact he has graced so many campaigns and editorials, as we tend to lean towards those models under the radar for the Otter Model Spotlight, but it’s what else he brings to the table.

Johannes seems to have a love for the water, beaches, classic cars and coffee and living an active lifestyle, which are all wins in our book.

Take a look at some snaps we pulled to give you a flavor for why we chose him as this week’s Otter Model Spotlight.

Look at that water – it’s so blue!

Yum! We could use one of those right now.

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Staying classy – nice touch.

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Epic wave!

Even if it’s for a shoot, we bet Johannes would drive around in this classic car.

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We are getting motivated…

Of all of the pictures, we had to end it on this one, which seems like the perfect ending to any Otterlicious post.