Otter Escape – The Cook Islands

Photo: Sjanaelise/Instagram

We know it has only been one week, but we are ready for another adventure.

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How do we decide on where we will jet off to next?

Do we spin a globe or close our eyes and point to a spot on a map?

No and no, although, that could potentially lead to one epic Otter Escape.

Instead, we search for inspiration and this week we found it via Sean Scott and Sjana Elise Earp.

We don’t want to be late, so let’s get going to The Cook Islands.

Lost in paradise..

A photo posted by Sjana Elise Earp (@sjanaelise) on

Nature having a moment all of its own.

Which way to the ocean?

Found it!

Time to enjoy the water we worked so hard to find by having an Otterlicious swim.

A photo posted by Sjana Elise Earp (@sjanaelise) on

Outdoor showers are one of our favorites, as you get to feel the warm breeze and smell the ocean air.

A photo posted by Sjana Elise Earp (@sjanaelise) on

Until the next Otter Escape, hang loose and grab a good book

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We are feeling quite relaxed after this Monday morning Otter Escape.