Otter Escape – Hong Kong and Beyond

Photo: Apairandaspare/Instagram

After celebrating Midsummer, we are feeling the need for some more fresh air.

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Rather than planning a specific Otter Escape, we are feeling a little adventurous and carefree.

Let’s take a walk and see where we end up!

We are starting in Hong Kong at Tai Long Wan, which is a bay on the east coast of the Sai Kung Peninsula.

How cute – A little country house.

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We are loving the contrast of destinations already!

We are hungry too after all of this walking.

Time for some yummy food!

Again with the contrasts, we are on a roll – shall we start with the dim sum or broccoli?

Time to chill and take in the moment…

Yes, now you know why we decided to stop here.

Again with the contrasts, look what can happen when you turn the corner.

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Embrace the contrasts today, as you may be surprised what you will find.