Otter Escape – California Bound

Photo: sincerelyjules/instagram

California holds a special place in our hearts.

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As you know by now, Southern California was where MalenDyer found its roots.

Of course, since that time, we have traveled the world.

Yet, there is still something special about California that makes us smile, each and every time we see snaps of our Cali.

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With all the amazing destinations this world has to offer, it’s easy to forget your own backyard.

With this thought in mind, let’s take a look at California for this week’s Otter Escape.

We are starting our Cali adventure in San Francisco…

Be sure to take time to smell the flowers!

And take in all of the iconic sites…

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Let’s move South – to L.A.

Be sure to take in some sports!

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And head to the coast…

We approve of Venice!

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And the beach!

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A little trip through Cali for this edition of Otter Escape is just what the Otter Doc ordered.

Until next week, enjoy the sunsets and the sandy beaches