Otter Escape – Bali

Photo: Jessi Schlossmann/Instagram

Lush landscapes and serene waters grace the page of this week’s Otter Escape, which takes us to Bali.

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Jessie Schlossmann, who hails from California, is our guide.

Growing up on the beaches of California I have always had the sun in my face, salt water in my veins and a deep appreciation for all of the beauty and love this life has to offer. For me, I find myself at home in this love when I am traveling to exotic locations, practicing yoga and swimming in the ocean.

Get ready to calm the nerves and to get transported to beautiful Bali.

We will leave you with some Otter Wisdom.

Any time this week when you begin to feel a rush of anxiety or stress creep upon you, we recommend taking another Otter Escape to Bali. We are certain it will help.