Ocean Exploration with Jean-Michel Cousteau at NYC’s American Museum of Natural History

Grab your diving gear as we are heading to the sea!

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We aren’t going just for fun, although it will be fun.

We are going to see more than 30 species of marine animals within their own habitat, such as Christmas tree worms, basket stars, various fishes and so many more.

Our tour guide, Jean-Michel Cousteau, is the son of the ocean explorer, Jacques Cousteau.

Accompanied by marine biologist Holly Lohuis, Jean-Michel will take us to the Bahamas, Fiji and Bimini, where we are going to take a look at the waters in a whole new light.

How are we going to do this you ask?

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Well, we are going to head over to New York City’s American Museum of Natural History and check out the 2D or 3D showings of the 40 minute film.

Many of us here have already seen the film, which is why we had to mark this as an Otter Pick.

The camera work is amazing, as 3D, ultra-HD 5K, slow motion, macro and with motion control are all leveraged.

Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Secret Ocean 3D” is currently running at the AMNH in NYC and is a must-see.