ModelCo & Self-Tan Tips

Photo: Modelco cosmetics/Instagram

Summer is right around the corner.

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Although we adore the sun here at MD, we are also sun protection advocates. Let’s face it, skin cancer isn’t cool and leathery skin is well, not the same as supple soft skin.

As we know we can’t have our cake and eat it too- ok, maybe cake we can, but you get the point- we decided to take a look at ModelCo, an Australian beauty brand that counts Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as its ambassador and has a legion of other model fans, for some self-tan tips.

Here are some self-tanning tips from the brand:

  1. Prep and Exfoliate– It’s essential to prep the skin correctly before you begin to apply any type of self-tan.
  2. Rinse and Dry– The best time to apply tan is within the first thirty minutes of showering.
  3. Weapon of Choice– We’ve all got our favorite product, but differing occasions can call for different self-tan formulations or some people just prefer one style tan over another.
  4. Buff, Buff, Buff– To avoid orange palms and a streaky, uneven application, get in the habit of only ever applying self-tan with a mitt.

Be sure to check out ModelCo for more Tan Tips.

Before you go anywhere, here’s some more summer inspiration from ModelCo.

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A photo posted by ModelCo (@modelco_cosmetics) on

Otter Tip: Don’t forget to stay hydrated…

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Happy tanning!

P.S. You also knows what this means don’t you? You can have summer any time of the year! Oh how we love that idea.