Model Lauren Hurlbut Speaks to Midwest Living, Walking for Tommy Hilfiger in NYFW and Fashion


Lauren Hurlbut is new to the model scene, having just began her career last year. Yet, she already has some noted accomplishments under belt, including walking in New York Fashion Week for Tommy Hilfiger and Elizabeth Kennedy. She can often be caught in Los Angeles or New York City. We got to speak with Lauren and learn more about her journey.

Damon Loble (@damonloble)
Damon Loble (@damonloble)
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MalenDyer: Being from the Midwest, what are some of the pre-conceived notions people have about you?
Lauren Hurlbut: Ahh, this is such a good question! Whenever I tell people I’m from the Midwest, they automatically assume I live on a farm and my day consists of milking cows and collecting chicken eggs. I usually have to explain that I live in a regular suburb.

MD: How would you describe your “off duty” look?
LH: Fashion wise, I keep it pretty casual. I’ll usually wear skinny jeans (favorite brands are Asos and Topshop) and a crop top or bralette and jacket.

LH: I try to give my hair and skin off days when I’m not working, since so much product is used on shoot days. I usually keep my hair naturally wavy. As far as makeup, I’ll throw on some moisturizer, mascara and lip gloss and be good-to-go! My favorites are Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, YSL babydoll mascara and Dior addict lip gloss.


MD: You began modeling about a year ago, share with us some insight into those early castings.
LH: A huge thing, I think, is to learn early on it is to not compare yourself to others. Everyone has a different look, and there’s not one that’s better than the rest. With handling rejection, I just try to remember that my look wasn’t right for this certain project, but it could be perfect for the next.

“As a model, one of my main goals to make people feel something/a certain vibe when they see my work.”

LH: Modeling wasn’t ever something I really planned on doing, so my first agency signing was exciting, but at the same time, I wasn’t sure what to expect. One of my first castings was for Tommy Hilfiger for NYFW, so that one I definitely felt super nervous. But now, I look back and laugh at how much I freaked out over it.

MD: What have you found most surprising about working in the industry so far? And, the most rewarding?
LH: I think one of the most surprising things is how it is to get along with all of the other models. Going into this industry, I assumed that everyone would be super competitive and standoffish, but its not like that at all! On set and backstage at shows, most girls are super nice. We’re all going through the same crazy days, so it’s nice to have other people who get it. The most rewarding thing for me is creating images that people love. I love when I do a shoot and it gets an amazing response. As a model, one of my main goals to make people feel something/a certain vibe when they see my work.

Felipe Nogueira (@feqnogueira)
Felipe Nogueira (@feqnogueira)

MD: Where do you draw the line when it comes to modeling? Are there any jobs you would definitely say “no” to, for example?
LH: For me, the most important thing is that I’m comfortable with what I’m shooting. If you’re not comfortable, then it’s super obvious in the photos. I also wouldn’t ever shoot something that I wouldn’t be proud to put out or feel isn’t an accurate representation of myself. Trusting your gut with that you feel that you’ll be okay with is so important in this industry.

MD: Which model do you most resonate with?
LH: I’m obsessed with Candice Swanepoel! I love her beach vibe, and how beautiful she is naturally.

“The most rewarding thing for me is creating images that people love.”

MD: What is something about you that may surprise us?
LH: I currently am enrolled in college online, getting a degree in Criminal Psychology!

MD: Please share with us a day in the life of Lauren – castings edition.
LH: A day of castings, especially during fashion week, get crazy hectic! I usually start my morning grabbing breakfast and stopping by the agency to check-in, practice my walk and grab some comp cards (you will always run out during fashion week).


LH: Next, I’ll head over to whatever castings I have that morning, there’s usually three to five. You never know going in, if there’s gong to be 50 girls or five, so I’m always prepared to wait. Then, I’ll usually check Twitter or post on Instagram! After that, I’ll head over to whichever show(s) I have that day. Hair and makeup takes the longest, especially with 20+ girls, so while I’m waiting I’ll have lunch there. The actual shows go by super fast – you don’t really have much time to get nervous or practice! I’ll usually have a fitting or two to run to afterwards for upcoming shows. Then, I’ll head home!

LH: After shows, I always take a long shower and do a face mask to give some TLC to my hair and skin after being styled all day. Then, off to bed!


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