Model Aude-Jane Deville On Her French Roots, New York Dreams and Modeling Aspirations


It’s true. Social media is a powerful tool. For us, we have found brands and models via this medium. In some cases, if it wasn’t for social media, our paths would take much longer to intertwine. Case in point is with French model Aude-Jane Deville.

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A tweet by one of our favorite brands, Bower Swimwear, had included a nod to Aude, as the duo had worked together. A few clicks later, some research and after some emails and texts being exchanged, we were set for next steps.

Flash forward to New York City. The setting was at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan’s Flatiron area.

We met up with Aude while she was in town, and we got to learn more about her. For starters, she not only holds a masters degree in business – with an emphasis in wine, speaks five languages (French, English, Spanish, German and Russian), plays the piano, would like to model for Ralph Lauren and recently landed her first magazine cover – for Switzerland’s Sur La Terre, but she’s here in New York City to help take her career to the next level.

Although Aude has a broad portfolio, she knows her niche, which she shared with us, “I’m good for commercial. It makes me smile because I’m down to earth. I will never change the way [I am].”

“Be proud of what you do. Be yourself and don’t change.”

And, if there was any doubt she wasn’t still holding onto her roots, the mere fact she adores cheese and wine is enough proof for us. Yes, we did spend some time speaking about food – how could you not when you are chatting with a French native.

Her mother is an English teacher and her parents encouraged her to finish her education before pursuing modeling. At 22 and with a degree under her belt, she is now ready for her next chapter and is doing it by carving out her own path.

“Stay the same, be patient and everything will come,” she shared. “Do it for your family and be proud of what you do. If one time it doesn’t suit you, you will find another job. Be yourself and don’t change.”

Remi Kozdra & Kasia Baczulis
Remi Kozdra & Kasia Baczulis

Staying true to yourself can be difficult, especially in the fashion and modeling industries. Yet, Aude has a grasp on what it takes that goes above and beyond what’s on the outside.

“Being a beauty is not enough,” she noted. “When you meet a client in a casting, you need the personality too.”

We also spoke about handling rejection, which can be a cruel process, for even the best of the best. “If I wasn’t taken, if I wasn’t the best one for the job, honestly, my agent is committed.”

Aude continued, “If a girl isn’t for the job. [Keep] a positive attitude every time. If this job, if you take everything so seriously, it will be too much.”

“Being a beauty is not enough. You need the personality too.”

After New York City, she was headed to Florida, for her first trip to Miami and then she was off to Mexico to swim with the dolphins. All of this was after back to back trips in Europe for work. It’s safe to say that travel is a part of this model’s life.

When in France though, she’s all about Paris, “You can find everything there,” she noted. Yet, that’s not the only spot you can find her, “I like thrills – surfing, skiing and spending time with family and friends.”


Although we are used to asking the questions, we love it when we also get asked a question. So, when Aude asked us what it was that caught our attention with her, it was simple. Her portfolio offers a range, her personality – with its positive and humble nature – is emphasized in her images and we love that she is new to New York. The world is her oyster, and we know you’ll be seeing a lot more of her very, very soon. Ralph Lauren, we are looking at you!

Photo: Julie Hardiagon
Photo: Julie Hardiagon

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