Men’s Swimwear Picks from Orlebar Brown’s Summer 2016 Collection

Photo: orlebarbrown/instagram

Orlebar Brown‘s summer 2016 collection includes a “palette of sun beaten colors, stripes of all shapes and sizes, tie dye, aboriginal art prints” and new photographic prints, according to the brand.

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With all of this newness, it may seem easy to get overwhelmed. Although, not to worry, we have selected some of our favorite swim trunks to help you make your shopping much easier.

Before we get to our picks, here’s more from OB on their summer 2016 collection…

Now, onto our picks…

Wait. Before you go.

We have saved something special for you.

OB has recently unveiled a way for you to design your own swim trunks.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out Design Your Own Swim Trunks at Orlebar Brown.

And, here’s more about it…

Shop the entire Orlebar Brown’s summer 2016 collection at Orlebar Brown.