Meet Shudu Gram – A Digital Model

Photo: shudu.gram/instagram

Cameron-James Wilson is a British visual artist, fashion photographer and creator of Shudu Gram, a digital model that has taken on a life of her own. She even has her own Instagram account.

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“Shudu is a digital supermodel, a very glamorous and amazing woman. But she’s 3-D,” shared Wilson to WWD.

There has been controversy with Shudu though, as there is a thought she is taking away potential jobs from other models. Yet, Wilson doesn’t see it like that.

“I don’t think Shudu or other 3-D models take anything away,” commented Wilson to WWD. “When you look at a company like Clo [a program that simulates fabrics], they employ [90] people and that’s a very small part of the 3-D industry. Eventually, if this catches on, people will be more and more employed. OK, one model might not be employed, but maybe 50 other people are [working] in order to take that kind of space.”

Wilson continued, “You have to be very lucky to be a model. You have to be born genetically beautiful in every way and pretty much perfect. What kind of world would be better: one where somebody who works hard, who’s a talented artist can create a model or somebody who’s born lucky?”

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