Meet Model Katerina Giannoglou – Stay Active, #Md2 for Spring 2017

Vincent von Thien

Model Katerina Giannoglou caught our attention because of her athletic-focused portfolio. She is from a small Greek village, Thourio – not far from Turkey, and currently resides in Hamburg, Germany, which is where she was when we caught up with her.

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MalenDyer: Let’s start with modeling, at the beginning. Share with us how you got into modeling.
Katerina Giannoglou: I got started in modeling with a modeling contest. A scouter stopped me while I was shopping with my mom – I was 16 and still in school. I did a couple of jobs while I was in school – I focused my education in economics. After I was done, I decided to leverage modeling to travel for a couple of years. And, here I am – still working as a model and still loving all of the traveling. It has been the best way to learn cultures, languages, countries and even different recipes. I never thought modeling would be my main job, and that I would do it for such a long time.

MD: What has been your most memorable moment of your modeling career so far?
KG: The job for Bedük [a Turkish musician] – it was his “Ful Animasyon” music video, and I loved it. It had a lot of action fighting scenes. I even had to learn a fighting choreography with a karate master. it was so much fun.

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