MalenDyer’s Top Fashion Picks from Milan Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2017


It’s official. Three shows down: New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and now Milan Fashion Week. As witnessed by LFW, each city has their own spin on fashion, and we absolutely love what Milan brought to the table. So many of the designs are fresh and new.

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Most importantly, which is hard to see in the images, is the attention to detail nearly all of these pieces have, from the fabrics used to the multi-purpose designs.

Without further adieu, here are our Milan Fashion Week picks for spring/summer 2017.

Au Jour Le Jour

The prints and the infusion of sportswear in a very elevated way. This is Au Jour Le Jour for ss17, and we are liking what we see!


Making eyelets fashionable and we appreciate how they are infused into the designs. Plus, the oversized hats – they aren’t your every day sun hats, and we welcome this styling edit.


One thing we can always expect from designer Jeremy Scott is the unexpected, and he did not disappoint for ss17. We’ll let the images speak for themselves, as the creativity – we just love! And, hello paper dolls!

La Perla

“A Journey of Liberation” was the theme for La Perla’s ss17 collection. As the common thread of MFW, it’s all about the details. We know La Perla emphasizes this in each of its designs.




This Italian brand is one of those that we can always find something to appreciate. For ss17, it was the material and for the swimwear – the cuts. Time to switch it up!

Philosophy di Lorenzo

What else can we say besides we love this collection, and it was hard to edit down our selections. Whenever you see a garment that is as beautiful on the outside as the inside, as you’ll notice with the high low skirt below, you know attention to detail was given to each and every aspect of the collection.

“A collection blushing with sensuality and flirting with a wanderlust escapism. Philosophy di Lorenzo portrays a castaway romance for ss17.” – Philosophy di Lorenzo

Philosophy di Lorenzo, Photo
Philosophy di Lorenzo, Photo

“Abandoned in a whimsical fashion island, with sand in her hair and intricate detailing on the prints for ss17.” – Philosophy di Lorenzo

Roberto Cavalli

For ss17 is all about the movement to us. The way the fabrics flow, the drape of the garments and even the accessories, it’s all about movement. And, we know first-hand, creating movement is not the easiest task.

“The voyager mood is underlined by accessories, where colors are vivid and the artisanal jewellery refers to Native American tribal pieces.” – Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli

“The catwalk is on fire – The line is long, sinuous, the signature serpentine Cavalli silhouette evoked through slender flares and goddess gowns.” – Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli


Fabrics that include ultra-lightweight nylon and technical jersey to special details that range from specially-created lace trim to platform sandals that have functional straps, Donatella nailed this collection. Of course the looks are sexy, but they are also fun and every inch #MDStyle.

“Sportswear is the future of fashion; to make it unique and luxurious is the challenge I took this season. This is a collection that is all about a woman’s freedom: freedom of movement, freedom of activity, freedom to fight for their ideas, freedom to be whomever you want to be.” – Donatella Versace

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Our Paris Fashion Week picks are up next. Stay tuned!