The Magic of Lighthouses

Photo: Belenhostalet/Instagram

When we think of the coastline, any coastline, lighthouses come to mind.

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They are often standing so proud in sometimes still isolated locations.

They are scattered in some of the most idyllic settings, around the globe.

They offer serenity, and yet, we are certain they hide so many stories!

We just wonder what tales these lighthouses could tell…

For nothing was simply one thing. Virginia Woolf

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The Portland Head Light, lighthouse in Portland Maine. #landscape #flowers #nature #lighthouse

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#sanpedro #cloudyday #chilly #walkabout #seal #ocean #sea #socal #southerncalifornia #beach #lighthouse

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We know. The last image isn’t a lighthouse per say, but it is quite a unique interpretation.

Lighthouses are magical – from their setting to the mystery as to what stories they hold.