Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in California

Living the Life
Living the Life

We are the first to admit this Otter Beach Pick is not our average pick since you probably won’t be sunbathing on its sandy beaches. Yet, the views from this stop along California’s Highway One, right at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, exude everything we love at Malen-Dyer.

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The blue waters of the ocean crashing into the rugged yet majestic shoreline that is mixed with the seemingly lush and still rocky natural landscape, we just can’t get enough.

We are in love.

The feature image was taken by our very own Otter Team and is not even photoshopped or filtered- the views are just that amazing.

We are certain you can see why this beach has been a trademark symbol of Malen-Dyer ever since it was photographed.


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