John Annetti Brand Draws Inspiration from the Sea

Photo: johnannetti_brand/Instagram

John Annetti Brand is all about the sea.

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The brand offers men’s t-shirts and women’s tanks. Each item works to bring the beach lifestyle, the sea life to you.

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Here’s an overview of the brand, from JA Brand.

“Turning coastal adventures into something you can WEAR: John Annetti Brand transforms your favorite destinations into a piece of wearable art.”

“Fed up with the same old tourist t-shirt, I sought to create a refreshing new way to express the love and nostalgia for my favorite places.”

“From photography to design to screen printing, each piece is handcrafted by myself to ensure you take home something truly special.”

“Traveling and photography are my passions in life. I created JA Brand in hopes that you would fall in love with them too.”

With images of lighthouses, sailboats and more, you are about to see exactly why we had to feature JA Brand.

Otter Style Tip: Overall, stay with the beach vibe.

You can add your own twist by pairing a JA Brand top with a pair of chambray shorts (for the men and the ladies), some wooden beaded bracelets for the ladies and rope string bracelets for the men and finally rounding it out with some espadrilles for the ladies and some slip-on Vans for the men.

Or, keep it simple and pair it with swimwear.

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We agree.

John Annetti Brand has the right approach to design – drawing inspiration from the sea, sand, surf and sun.

We approve!