Jaguar’s Bespoke F-Type Coupé Meets Britain’s Team Sky

Photo: Jaguar/Instagram

There is something quite special about beautifully built cars. It’s an art in its own right. At Malen-Dyer, we enjoy our sandy beaches but how do we get to these beaches you ask? Well, we get there in style of course.

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Check out this F-TYPE Coupé from Jaguar. It is a bespoke car built for Britain’s Team Sky. In one way, the solitude of the bikes on its roof remind us of cruising on the beaches of Malibu, or maybe it’s the blue of Team Sky’s bikes that remind us of the serenity of the ocean as we know there is nothing tranquil about the speed these bikes or this car can go.

Once our eyes go slightly further down from the bikes, we get to see this Jaguar in all of its glory.

Mother Nature may bring us breathtaking beaches, but Jaguar brings us one insanely mesmerizing coupé.

No other words are really necessary, are they? That’s why we’ll leave you with this video.


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