Home Grown Trailers, a Sustainable Way to Camp

Homegrown Trailer

We are fans of nature. So much so that we are always game for a nature-filled adventure, from hiking to camping. Hence, when we stumbled upon Homegrown Trailers, it caught our attention because of its unique take on camping.

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The brand is based in Woodinville, Washington, and produces sustainable, handcrafted travel trailers.

“We are unlike any trailer company in the world, fusing a global desire for compact, environmentally conscious and healthy living spaces for all types of people, including those who haven’t traveled in RVs before. We are passionate about helping people connect to nature and find adventure in the world, while allowing them to stay connected to nature.” – Homegrown Trailers

Homegrown Trailer
Homegrown Trailer

“The trailer, paneled in sustainably harvested wood, has a dry weight of just 2,000 pounds, which means it doesn’t need a heavy duty truck to pull it around. The low weight also helps save fuel. It features a solar system with a battery that stores two days worth of energy. An off-grid package upgrades the solar panels from 400 to 800 watts, and includes a 7,000-watt-hour battery good for five days of energy.” – autoblog.com

On the sustainable topic, Homegrown Trailers offers “reusable dishes and flatware, biodegradable soap, recycled paper products and cloth napkins provided with every rental trailer.”

A fun fact we had to include.

Homegrown Trailer
Homegrown Trailer

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Now, if you aren’t in the market to purchase a travel trailer, as alluded to above, they do offer rentals as well!

Learn more at homegrowntrailers.com.

We admit, we haven’t tried one out yet, but it’s on our list to do.

We are sensing a camping trip very soon!