Heidi Klum Channels Marilyn Monroe

Photo: Heidiklum/Instagram

Seems like everyone is having a birthday.

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The latest birthday is for Macy’s INC (International Concepts), who is celebrating with Heidi Klum.

Heidi worked with INC when she was in her 20’s and is back for the brand’s latest campaign where she starts out by channeling Marilyn Monroe and ends the commercial in a very rock style way.

She spoke with Style.com about then and now and how she has changed.

“I wouldn’t say I look exactly the same. My hair was brown. I was much younger. I have four kids now.”

“When I started 20 years ago, I had to change my eating habits from eating too many schnitzels and knödle and sauerkraut and sauces and all of that good stuff that my mom would cook.”

“I changed when I started modeling. It’s competitive, and I would see how other girls were like and how they looked at what they ate. I had to change my lifestyle a little bit and eat healthier and exercise. I now eat much, much healthier.”

Be sure to read the full interview on Style.com.

Here’s a snap of Heidi from those earlier INC days.

Photo: Style.com/Twitter
Photo: Style.com/Twitter

Yeah, she was a stunner and is still a stunner.