Fourth Issue of ‘Saturdays Magazine’ Released

Photo: Staurday Mag/Instagram

Saturdays NYC has surf shops in SoHo and the West Village in NYC and some Japanese locations. The brand’s fourth issue of their magazine, Saturdays Magazine, which is released bi-annually, just recently became available.

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Colin Tunstall, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Saturdays Magazine, spoke with The Daily on the inspiration for this fourth issue.

Each issue is a mix of ideas, people, colors, images and words, but this one tended to talk more about new versus old. There’s always a consideration of balance between the content, the cover colors, plus the content is half Q&A, and half image portfolios. The only difference in each issue is the contributors.

He also shared that his dream interviewee is Michael Bloomberg because “He ran the city for 12 years and saw huge development and change. It would be nice to hear more about that.”

Here’s a clip as to what to expect inside the pages of this issue.

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Surfing and good reading sounds like a winning combination to us!

Here’s more of the Saturdays NYC lifestyle.

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A photo posted by SATURDAYS NYC (@saturdaysnyc) on

A coffee does sound good right now…