Founder of Daïva Collections, Gloria Binoche, Speaks to Her Signature One Piece Swimsuit, Bow Design, Paris and More


Daïva Collections is a swimwear brand that was founded by Gloria Binoche in 2015. The brand came across our radar because of their designs and attention to detail and quality.

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Cue the French designer behind the brand who became inspired to design swimwear after being unable to find pieces that had fit her own style and personality. After a career in the corporate world, she decided to follow her passion.

Gloria Binoche of Daïva

Now, onto the interview…

MalenDyer: As the “brand is inspired by patterns and colors from everywhere,” it seems safe to say that travel is a cornerstone to the brand. With that said, where do you enjoy traveling to the most?
Gloria Binoche: I love traveling in Europe, as there are so many different places to discover. Italy is a place I really like – landscapes are breathtaking, people are friendly and food is delicious. Everything in this country is about “la dolce vita.”

GB: The Greek Islands are also perfect for holidays. Each time I discover a new island, I feel as if I am arriving in paradise – blue sea, white houses, never-ending beaches and the feeling that time has stopped.

MD: You became a swimsuit designer after a career in the luxury goods and cosmetics industry, was fashion design something you always wanted to do?
GB: Fashion has always been a passion for me. I have always loved touching different fabrics, finding new designers and mixing colors and styles.


GB: I have learned many important aspects about business during my career in luxury goods and cosmetics. Even if I loved my past jobs, I knew that fashion was the one and only business I wanted to create. Getting up every day with the idea that your job is your passion is just a great satisfaction!

MD: What has been the biggest learning in having your own business so far?
GB: That no matter what others tell you, no matter how long and hard the process can be, the satisfaction of running your own business and getting up everyday for your passion is the best feeling for motivation. Even if the path is full of pitfalls (and it often is), it is REALLY worth it!

“Getting up every day with the idea that your job is your passion is just a great satisfaction!”

MD: And, what about the biggest pleasure in having your own business so far?
GB: Receiving friendly and kind messages from clients every day. This shows me I have not only created the products I love, but there are lots of women who recognize themselves in my brand and who like my products.

MD: Share with us some details about growing up in a creative home – with your mom being a designer.
GB: During my childhood, I often watched my mother drawing and tried to imitate her. This is how I learned how to draw silhouettes and how to express my ideas through my pen. I didn’t really read children’s books. My hobby was to look at her designer books – examining each detail, each color and creating my own “fashion collections”. It’s a shame I didn’t keep all these drawings, perhaps they could inspire me today.

MD: Onto Daïva, how did the signature bow and one piece become a staple to the brand?
GB: The bow represents for me a real aspect of femininity. The manner you tie it, the accumulation of bows and drapes, [it] makes you feel sexy and glamorous.


GB: I have always preferred showing décolletés in the back instead of in the front. There is nothing more sensual than an open back, and it was a must for me to create my signature piece with a giant bow in the back.

GB: I both love bikinis and one pieces. The emphasis on a one piece comes from the idea that the swimsuits I create are really made to be worn as real pieces of your wardrobe, and they instantly give elegance to your silhouette.

“Even if the path is full of pitfalls (and it often is), it is REALLY worth it!”

MD: We noticed you design for various silhouettes, was this something you set out to do when you founded the brand?
GB: It was really important for me to design different styles for different types of women. Every woman has her own body and must showcase the best of her features. This was really one of the priorities I had when founding my brand.


MD: Your swimwear is also about the details – such as blind stitching – was this an area of opportunity when finding and working with factories and production teams that could support this level of detail?
GB: This was the indispensable condition for finding my factories. Details are what makes the difference between mass market products and luxury ones. And, the value-added of a beautiful design and fabric is all about how you will emphasize all of the details that surround the product and to help differentiate the product.


GB: Factories I work with know that I have very high standards on all of these small details, and I have the chance to work with people who have the same attention to [detail to] create beautiful and qualitative products as I have.


MD: With dresses now added to the brand, what else do you envision adding to the brand in the next year? The next five years?
GB: Yes, I am really proud to enlarge the offering with dresses this year!
I have many ideas for the upcoming years, adding other pieces to the feminine wardrobe, but I’ll keep it secret for the moment (she shared with us with a smile).


MD: On a different note, how do you prefer to spend your downtime, when in Paris?
GB: When I’m in Paris, I love walking around in the city, especially on the Canal Saint Martin (10th) where you can find many designer shops and cafés.

GB: Walking and sitting by the [River] Seine is also magic, especially in then summer when people just come with a picnic and lay down all day long in the sun. I love discovering new restaurants and cafés. I’m really fond of good food, so you’ll often see me eating and eating with friends on weekends.


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