For Your Next Water Adventure – Model Agi Fischer’s Top Fashion Picks


Agi Fischer. You saw her grace the cover of our first issue, “First Swim“, and is one of our original model muses. With her active lifestyle, you can often find her doing yoga, in the water or participating in some other adventure, so it seemed only natural for us to reach out to her when we wanted insight on which brands we should have in our closet for our next water-based activity.

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Now, we pass it off to Agi…


This is a sporty brand already, and I love their fabrics and cuts. My favorite item from them is their Cardio Long Sleeve Crop Top. I use it for stand up paddle boarding, as it keeps my shoulders protected from the sun, and I wear it when snorkeling since it keeps me warm for longer.

They also have a cool sports bra – Reebok’s Yoga Sup Sports Bra – specifically for stand up paddle boarding with a SPF 50+ protection.

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This is obviously a surfing brand, and they know how tops and bottoms have to fit so nothing slips out. They have beautiful colors too! I immediately feel like a beach girl, even when i just go for a swim in lake Zurich (where I live).

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[This Australian brand] has really cool styles, and I love their neoprene pieces – always an eye catcher at the beach or on a lake.

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To stay updated on all of Agi’s active pursuits, be sure to follow her on Instagram @agichristine and view more on Agi on MalenDyer.