Fashionable 1940s Workouts

Photo: Vintage Fashions/YouTube

One of our favorite ways to workout is on the beach, ideally as the sun is just starting to rise or set.

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The beauty of working out on the beach is there are so many options available. You could run, you could bike- think Santa Monica bike path, you could swim along the shore, you could paddle board and the list goes on.

When we stumbled upon this vintage clip of women working out in the 1940s, we were looking forward to some workout inspiration.

Well, we didn’t seem to find too much from motivation from the workout equipment. Instead, we loved the fashions!

Granted, heels and working out probably aren’t the best, but we give them props for giving their fashion an A+ effort.

Enjoy the clip below.

We’ll stick to beach-inspired workouts. Although, we are thinking the fashions could make for some Otterlicious beach outfits.