‘Eveline’ the Three-Part Short Story Mystery Series

Eveline - Cover

Eveline is a short story series by one of Malen-Dyer’s founders, Tobias Brask. Even though this is written by one of our very own, you know we wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t Otter worthy.

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This short story series takes you on an adventure of three individuals, Eveline, Jack and Lisa. There are interesting turns at every page that will leave you wondering what is next.

Without giving too much away, there is a reason all of these individuals are within the pages of one short story series. To find out why this is, you’ll have to check out the free eBook by going to TobiasBrask.com.

Eveline - Painting

Just in case you need some more coaxing, here’s the official synopsis:

Dreams, faith and hope are strong words and even stronger when one sees those traits in a young, vulnerable woman. Meet Eveline. Meet Jack Fueller. Understand how it evolved with the Ashes of Cape.

Eveline – It is a sunny Friday in New York, follow the life of a young girl full of dreams for the ballet and her secret.

Jack Fueller – Jack, an anonymous alcoholic, married with one daughter. Turning his back on what he knows.

Ashes of Cape – Follow Lisa’s journey to Cape Cod, facing the past and searching for closure.

This is one adventure we know you’ll have fun on. Enjoy!