Escape to Washington – Nature Calling

Photo: emitoms/instagram

As the leaves continue to change and as we have officially kicked off November, we are feeling the nature vibe.

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And, before the chaos of the Holiday season kicks in, we knew it was time to take a trip to nature – where we can relax and enjoy the moment.

With this said, it’s official, this week’s Otter Escape is taking us to the great outdoors with writer Emily Thomas as our guide.

Washington, here we come!

The Forest of Spada Lake

Path to the Big Four Ice Caves

Colchuck Lake and Mt. Rainier

North Cascades National Park

After this adventure, we’d say we deserve a quick dip…

Time to jump in!

Lake Crescent

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We’ll leave you with the context of the featured image, which is of Emily’s pooch and a leather handcrafted bag from ONA Bags, and was snapped in Twin Falls State Park.

And this quote…

“Always better to bring a friend when you go places” – Emily Thomas

Oh, how we agree with that!