Escape the AutoCamp Way – Airstream Camping Meets a Boutique Hotel Environment


Imagine combining Airstream camping with the luxuries of a modern boutique hotel. Well, you don’t have to envision it anymore as AutoCamp has made it a reality.

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With one location already in Santa Barbara, AutoCamp is now working on their second location – 90 minutes north of San Francisco, in the Russian River town of Guerneville.

Here’s why this caught our attention. We are fans of camping and of Airstreams. Yet, there are times we enjoy modern amenities too. Hence, we love having this option available. Take a look at the interior of the AutoCamp Airstreams to get an idea of how it’s still an Airstream but with luxury bedding, Malin + Goetz bath products, WiFi and more.

And, they have designs for a Frank Lloyd Wright pavilion at their Guerneville location.


AutoCamp’s Guerneville location is slated to open in June and still has a Kickstarter campaign open for its funding.

For more information, including on AutoCamp’s Guerneville Kickstarter, go to and to

Happy camping!