En Pointe with Ballet Beautiful and Mary Helen Bowers

Photo: balletbeautiful/Instagram

Mary Helen Bowers is the founder of Ballet Beautiful.

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She trained at the School of American Ballet in Manhattan and later danced with the New York City Ballet for a decade where she performed at NYC’s Lincoln Center, among other places around the world.

Mary Helen was also the personal trainer to Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan, which won Natalie an Oscar.

Simply put, Mary Helen knows ballet, which makes the brand she founded – Ballet Beautiful – all that more intriguing.

You know we appreciate ballet!

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With that said, here are some individuals Ballet Beautiful can count as clients…

Doutzen Kroes

Erin Heatherton

Lily Aldridge with Doutzen

In case you need another reason to try Ballet Beautiful, which encompasses more than working out, Mary Helen often shares healthy eating tips.

Let’s take a look!

“Local berries…”

“Black raspberries, honey lavender goat cheese and organic greens…”

“Whole wheat, organic French toast with berries, oranges and green tea…”

Now that we got your attention, we are thinking it’s time to give Ballet Beautiful a try.

Let’s workout!

Starting with Swan Arms, a signature series of Ballet Beatiful…

Next up is a workout with Lily with Mary Helen…

Now for some ballet with Candice Swanepoel with Mary Helen…

To round it all out, we’ll end with some cardio…

Remember to stretch and to have fun!

Pause here to take a few deep breaths…

Think of sandy beaches and sunshine…


*Shake it off…*

Welcome back!

We know what you are thinking…

You are hooked.

It’s time we share something else…

Out of all of this, there is still another reason why Ballet Beautiful caught our attention – it’s so flexible.

From a streaming custom workout program to DVDs to live online classes, there is something for everyone and every schedule.

There are workouts for those with baby, without baby and those post-baby.

Yes, Mary Helen has quite the range of offerings.

Check it all out at BalletBeautiful.com.


Before you go, we know what may help…

A little motivation!

We’ll leave you with this snap of Candice…

And this one of Mary Helen…

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We are feeling the burn!