Elle Macpherson on Health

Photo: Elle Macpherson/Instagram

Elle Macpherson is one of those models that seems to be nearly the same as when she came onto the modeling scene. Elle spoke to The Cut, and sure genetics may play a part, but it appears she has also worked hard to maintain “the Body” status.

In 1989, Time magazine put me on the cover and called me “the Body.” Soon after, I decided to capitalize on the moniker and create a brand…

I start my mornings quietly. The first ten minutes, I try not to reach for my phone and become really conscious; I breathe and collect my thoughts for the day. I drink half a liter of water, room temperature, and then I wake up my son…

I do some sort of body work for an hour. But I do it every day, seven days a week…

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Elle continued to speak to her daily routine, along with her Super Elixir, which is a greens-based supplement powder.

Super Elixir is different from other products. The ingredients and the way they are curated are designed to help the body become more alkaline. If the body is in a more balanced pH state, it’s healthier.

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Overall, we are happy Elle is straight-forward on how she works, the key word, to maintain her physique. She highlights how she exercises her mind and her body, from the inside out.


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