Doutzen Kroes No Longer A Victoria’s Secret Angel

First Karlie Kloss and now Doutzen Kroes leaving the major lingerie mega brand of Victoria’s Secret?

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Much to our surprise, Kroes’ contract came to a close at the end of 2014, which means her January Super Bowl appearance was her last under the VS brand, British Vogue reported.

“After I posted the news about Karlie Kloss leaving VS I got a number of texts asking me why I hadn’t said anything about Doutzen leaving at the end of last year. Fair question,”  commented Ed Razek, Victoria’s Secret’s chief marketing officer, to British Vogue.

“The simple answer is I should have. Doutzen had a lucrative opportunity in Europe, and it would have conflicted with her VS obligations. So, at her agency’s request, we released her from contract.”

Razek continued, “There was no conflict. No animosity. None of the nonsense I’ve read on Instagram. She had a great business opportunity, and I wanted to be fair to someone I adore and respect. That’s all. I honestly believe Doutzen is one of the most stunningly beautiful people in the world, and I always will. I have told her that many times. Now you know.”

Much like Karlie, we know we will be seeing a lot more of Doutzen via various campaigns and runway shows. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some Doutzen during the VS era.

The setting in this 2012 Holiday clip, which was shot in Newport, Rhode Island, just adds to the glamour of the moment.

Remember some of those Michael Bay-directed commercials? Check out this Holiday 2009 clip.

We will leave you with the earlier referenced and still epic Super Bowl 2015 ad.


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