Crop It Like It’s Hot

Photo: Thenativefox/Instagram

To crop or not to crop – that is the question many of you have been asking us.

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We have had our pulse on this trend for quite awhile, and as it’s still holding strong and even gaining some momentum, we had to scour the land to find some Otterlicious ways to sport this look.

Otter Style Tip: Crop tops come in varying lengths and you can sport them with bottoms of varying heights. So, you don’t have to show as much skin as you may think you do.

Taylor Swift is sporting a crop top that is cinched at the bottom, which helps to add fullness to the bust and helps to create a more hourglass shape.

Pair boyfriend jeans (denim is still a strong trend right now) with a cut-off crop top. We love the addition of the Chanel jacket – adds a nice contrast to the outfit and a personal touch.

Although she’s sporting a crop top and a high-slit skirt, since the bottom is asymmetrical, it helps to keep the outfit classy.

Same idea as above here, although, the lengthened sleeves and skirt is another way to balance this trend. Also, the criss cross front of the crop top helps to elevate the look even more.

High-waisted bottoms are an ideal way to add more fabric between you and your top, depending on the length of your crop top of course.

Want to try the trend but not ready to commit with your wallet? Free style the look with a white t-shirt from your closet.

Ready to relax? Try a laid-back pool crop top look.

As with any trend, try to make it your own and have fun.