Catching Up with Model Natalie Buchanan – Travel, Fitness and The Beach


Over two years ago, we first spoke with Australian model Natalie Buchanan. We wanted to catch up with her to find out what she has been up to, what’s new and if she crossed some travel destinations off of her bucket list.

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MalenDyer: Share with us a memorable, recent trip you went on.
Natalie Buchanan: I went to Trinidad last year to film a pilot for Time Warner, and it was definitely a memorable experience. It was my first acting role, and it felt amazing to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself in a new way in front of the camera.

natttybee/instagram – “Waiting to shoot in Trinidad.”

MD: When we last spoke, you wanted to visit India, Nepal and Morocco. Have you made it yet?
NB: I didn’t. They haven’t budged from the bucket list! I’m looking forward to a European summer this year and a trip to Cambodia to see my best friend.

“I’m looking forward to a European summer this year and a trip to Cambodia.”

MD: Being from Australia, is it safe to say the beach is a part of who you are?
NB: The beach is definitely my happy place. I live in Bondi and love going for a swim in the morning before all of the chaos starts. It’s free therapy for me. My boyfriend recently bought me a surfboard for Christmas, which I’m obsessed with. I suck, but I love that it’s something we can do together.

MD: What are your favorite swimwear/beachwear brands right now?
NB: I don’t have a huge collection of swimmers. I seem to stick to a couple and rotate them every summer. I just got a yellow pair from Assembly Label and they are so comfortable! I think picking a cut for your body shape is the most important thing.

MD: Are you still working with a personal trainer?
NB: No personal trainer this year. I’ve jumped on the F45 Training bandwagon though, and I love it. It’s functional training and every workout absolutely kicks my ass. I think it’s the closet thing to a PT without spending a fortune.


MD: And, are you still loving Pilates as much as last we spoke with you?
NB: Love Pilates. Miss Pilates. Adding to the To-Do list.

“Love Pilates. Miss Pilates. Adding to the To-Do list.”

MD: What are your go-to workout clothing brands?
NB: No fancy activewear for this one. I’m that person at the gym in the oversized t shirt with a hole in it and possibly a pasta stain. I like to buy quality gym tights and shoes so they last. On the top, it’s free reign!

MD: Which projects are you working on now or have in the pipeline?
NB: Finishing this pilot series is hopefully what’s coming up next for me. I’m looking forward to developing my character and acting skills with a pretty amazing cast and crew.

Joseph Willis

MD: What book (if any) are you currently reading?
NB: I am a self-confessed book worm. I read at least one book a week. At the moment, it’s just whatever I can find on my boyfriend’s bookshelf. I am reading “Breath” by Tim Winton.

“The beach is definitely my happy place.”

MD: What does your ideal day off look like?
NB: The perfect day for me is driving up the coast with my boyfriend, going for an uncoordinated surf, reading a book in the sun and taking lots of film photos. Add a glass of wine or two somewhere in all that and I’m set.


Connect with Natalie:
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