Carolyn Murphy for ‘The Edit’

Photo: Carolyn Murphy/Instagram

Carolyn Murphy is the latest model to be featured on Net-A-Porter’s The Edit.

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The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit alum speaks to how she buys organic and had her daughter at home, yet has a unique approach to her “back to basics” attitude.

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“I don’t like to stand on a soap box about anything. People say, ‘I never knew you had a home birth!’ And I say, well, why would you know that? I’m not one of those models who thinks I’m the first person to do it.”


Carolyn even speaks to her time early in her career.

“Back then, it was late nights drinking and partying with Kate [Moss], Amber [Valletta] and Shalom [Harlow], but having to show up the next day and hopefully [still] have a career.”

“It was super-fun but we were really naughty – the girls today are so professional!”

In regards to social media, “I feel like once you’re 40, you have seniority.”

“[Social media] is beyond VOYEURISM. I CAN’T see any more rear ends or airbrushed selfies with POUTS”
rules. You’re gonna get what you get! And I like to err on the side of mystery. There’s something to be said for that.”

We like the idea of some mystery too!

We’d say this is one interview you’d want to read in its entirety.

Before you go, here’s some more Carolyn.

Where I'd rather be today #country #hammock photo by @danmartensen

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Otter Fun Fact: According to The Edit, Carolyn “was raised between the beaches of Florida’s Gulf Coast and her family farm in Virginia.”

What a combo!

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Check out the full interview on Net-A-Porter.