Bunk Bed Designing

Bunk beds are one of those pieces of furniture that are bittersweet. They are often necessary but often times so frumpy.

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How do you style them?

How do you make them fit a theme without looking like a kid’s room?

How do you elevate their appearance while still retaining their unique charm, as they are bunk beds after all?

We’ve put together some Otter Approved bunk bed images that will make your guests want to sleep in them.

Photo: Rick Lew
Photo: Rick Lew | Galveston Bay
Photo: Francesco Lagnese
Photo: Francesco Lagnese | North Carolina
Photo: Tria Giovan; Stylist: CJ Sandgren
Photo: Tria Giovan; Stylist: CJ Sandgren | Coronado Showhouse

No matter which inspiration you choose, we have no doubt it will now be Otterlicious.

Happy bunk bed designing!