Bianca Coletti On Producing Her Namesake Brand In Miami, Designing Prints In-House and Being Green

biancacoletti/instagram m: @misssamanthadrew ph: @bradstevensphotographer

Bianca Coletti is the founder of her namesake brand. This swim and resort brand first came across our radar when we interviewed Selena Weber, who is often seen modeling for the Miami-based brand.

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After we spoke with Bianca and got to know more about the brand, we were even more eager to share this interview. As you’ll soon find out, not only are the brand’s products made in Miami, Bianca also designs the prints in-house.

Additionally, Bianca infuses her love of art, spirituality and travel into her designs, along with her Argentinian and Italian heritages. She works to invoke a classic and timeless style where the European-inspired smaller cut bottoms have become a signature to her brand. And, as she hails from Puerto Rico and attended Miami’s International Fine Arts College (IFAC), you can be certain these factors help take the brand to a different level.

bianca-colettiMalenDyer: Share with us how your namesake brand, Bianca Coletti, came about.
Bianca Coletti: I started right out of college making bathing suits for myself. I had an atelier in the Ritz-Carlton building on Lincoln Road [in South Beach], back then it was the DiLido [Beach Club]. When I would wear my suits or use them for editorial, orders started coming in from local stores. That’s essentially how I started.

MD: When you find your designs in a publication and/or on a new model that hasn’t worn them before, do you get the same emotions as you did early on in the brand’s beginnings?
BC: Yes, it’s just as exciting and rewarding, especially with some of the bigger ones like Sport’s Illustrated and A Bikini A Day. It always makes me feel proud to get the recognition.

“I am an artist, so designing our prints in-house is something that we take a lot of pride in.”

MD: Speaking of publications and publicity, how have you approached social media, specifically Instagram?
BC: I really like everything – for merchandising and for creating a story with the colorways while mixing in inspirational pictures. It’s our way to tell a story about the brand.

biancacoletti/instagram ph: @joseamigo
biancacoletti/instagram ph: @joseamigo

MD: As you studied fashion design, share with us about the decision to design your own prints.
BC: I am an artist, so designing our prints in-house is something that we take a lot of pride in. Usually a graphic designer will help with layouts for cutting purposes.

“It’s very important for me to support my local community and be as green as possible.”

MD: As you manufacture in Miami, what have you found most challenging about manufacturing locally? And, the most rewarding?
BC: Manufacturing locally has tremendous challenges, as factories and suppliers have been leaving Miami in the last 10 years. Many companies are choosing to manufacture overseas, clearly because of profit margins, quantities and time tables. One of the most important things my business has local is the cut and sew aspect.

biancacoletti/instagram ph: @fredlove
biancacoletti/instagram ph: @fredlove

BC: It’s very important for me to support my local community and be as green as possible. There is no carbon footprint with shipping, and I have control over who makes the product and how they get paid, hours worked, cleanliness of factory, etc..

MD: What do you think makes a bikini or one piece stand out among the crowd?
BC: For me, it’s about having a great piece that you can use for more than a season, and of course, and the most important, the fit has to be perfect.

MD: Now, you do offer more than swimwear. You also offer tees, cover ups, bags and towels. Let’s go straight to the towels because we have a soft spot for a quality towel. What made you add towels to your collection?
BC: We have a small online shop where we offer some lines that are adjacent to our brand. Some of the tees are Chaser Brand and Wildfox. The towels are from Sunnylife, a company out of Australia. They are super plush. Everyone needs a few good towels for the boat, beach or pool – we are always by the water in Miami.

“[Instagram] is our way to tell a story about the brand.”

MD: What other category would you like to add or plan on adding to the brand?
BC: We offer little girls to some of our retailers. Maybe we will include this product on our online shop in the future.

MD: Would you consider menswear?
BC: I have considered menswear many times in the past, mostly out of requests from our retailers and department stores that love our prints and of course our guy friends. But, I consider to be good at what I do with women. It’s just not the same curves of the body, in addition to different fabrics, lengths, etc..

MD: Although we had come across your brand before, it was after we interviewed model Selena Weber that we really dived into your designs. With that said, what do you look for when choosing a model to represent the brand?

Selena Weber By Chris Borchetta
Selena Weber By Chris Borchetta

BC: We love Selena! She is a perfect example of what we look for in a model – girls that are real. A clean, fresh, pretty, and natural beauty is what I always look for. And, would she wear our bathing suit outside of the shoot? It’s a lifestyle.

MD: What’s on the horizon for Bianca Coletti Swim?
BC: We are collaborating with F1rst Surf Shop to have a pop-up in Upper Buena Vista for next spring. There, we will have a bikini bar where customers can order personalize their swimwear and be able to shop separates.

biancacoletti/instagram m: @sannyry ph: @joseamigo
biancacoletti/instagram m: @sannyry ph: @joseamigo

MD: On a lighter note – what’s your favorite beach in Miami?
BC: I am a Soho Beach House girl [in Miami Beach].

MD: Any must-visit Miami restaurants?
BC: I would recommend 27 Restaurant and Bar [in Miami Beach]. Byblos is one of my favorites too.

MD: And, what do you like to do in your downtime?
BC: I practice meditation, [go to] Flywheel and to Soho [Beach House] on the weekends. I also read a lot, as I believe it’s important to educate ourselves and fill our souls with knowledge.

biancacoletti/instagram m: @charlottesmckee ph: @ryanhattaway
biancacoletti/instagram m: @charlottesmckee ph: @ryanhattaway

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