Beek Sandals Combine Leather with Craftsmanship

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Sandals and summer go hand-in-hand as much as beaches and MD do.

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We are a tad bit picky when it comes to our footwear though. We love a lot of styles, but we also appreciate quality and craftsmanship that we know still exists.

When we found Beek Sandals, we knew we had found something special.

The brand was founded by two friends and built on a passion for leather sandals.

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Here’s a little something from the founders, Birgit and Kenna.

“When we set out to create an all-leather sandal with a molded arch, we had no idea that it could be such a challenge!”

“What most people don’t realize is that truly 100% leather sandals are quite rare in the market. Most manufacturers combine leather uppers with other synthetic components and call them ‘leather’ sandals.”

“Making (and wearing) all-leather sandals is a passion of ours: sandals that will last a decade, or two (or forever). . . which means no cutting corners.”

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Otter Fun Fact: Each sole takes 48 hours to make.

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100% Leather + Arch Support + Slim Comfort make Beek Sandals so unique.

We also love how fashionable they are!

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Now for some summer styling inspiration.

Footwear (and handbags) are a simple way to change up any outfit. In this case, the Beek sandals help pull the whole outfit together and are perfect for a Sunday brunch with friends or a summer night out.

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Some Beek, coffee and Iris Apfel – now that’s an Otterlicious day.

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Beek sandals appear to be more than “just” sandals but shoes crafted with longevity, comfort and style in mind.

We cannot wait to try a pair.