Autumn Reads – Thrillers, A Love Story, A Juicy Fashion Read, Model Snaps and More

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One of our favorite parts of the cooler weather is to curl up with a good book with a coffee not too far away. Of course, we don’t mind ourselves a good cup of hot chocolate.

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Here are some books that will help you get through those chilly nights…


Funny Girl by Nick Hornby

And here’s a twist, a warning.. sometimes you see books on the chart and just pick them up as you go, thinking it should be good and later see that it was not the case.. so reed the back, does it appeal to you? Funny girl by Hornby was not so funny, just to say the least..






Summertime by Vanessa Lafayesummertime

Let’s just say, this is not a summer that is all filled with smiles and sunshine. Between mother nature throwing in some of her furry, a death and…







IstillP.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han

For a tale that is a bit warmer an fuzzier, then you’ll want to check out this read. There’s love and then there’s love – how do you choose between two options? When one is now and new and one returns…

This is the sequel to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.





swervebookSwerve by Vicki Pettersson

Ready for a thriller? How about a suspense where you’ll want to stay cuddled up with that blanket? Then, this is the book you’ll want to get.

There’s a desert and it’s high summer and of course, there’s a killer…





theForgottenThe Forgotten by Heather Graham

In case you are ready for another thriller, with some zombies thrown in, then this is for you.

To add to this, we are in Miami, there’s a crime boss, a dolphin researcher and so much more.






BrokenPromBroken Promise by Linwood Barclay

This book is categorized as a thriller, and we’d have to add a mystery in there too.

A man has lost his wife and discovers his cousin’s child is not her own. But whose child is she?

Once he finds out, he quickly  realizes there is more to the story than meets the eye…





Bull Mountain by Brian Panowich

Heading to the Old West…

This is a story told from multiple points of view that covers decades.

It’s “a story of family—the lengths men will go to protect it, honor it, or in some cases destroy it.”





PrettyBabyBookPretty Baby by Mary Kubica

When a woman brings to her home a teenage mother and infant daughter, what is going to happen next?

“What starts as an act of kindness quickly spirals into a story far more twisted than anyone could have anticipated.”






Changing the tune from the serious, we are going a bit light-hearted with the juicy book of…

The Vogue Factor by Kirstie Clements
The Vogue Factor by Kirstie Clements

The Vogue Factor by Kirstie Clements

An inside look into the illustrious world of the publishing world and not just for any magazine – but for Vogue. And yes, there are tidbits that will leave you eager to learn more.







And with the picturesque, no pun intended, book of…

Silver Springs: The Underwater Photography of Bruce Mozert
Silver Springs: The Underwater Photography of Bruce Mozert

Silver Springs: The Underwater Photography of Bruce Mozert

Time to get transported to sunny Florida in the 1950s where there are models and lots of creative photography, and it may not be as you first think.




From thrillers to mysterious to light-hearted reads, we got you covered.

Now, you need to pick your fav, or a couple, and get ready to curl up with the book and get ready to be transported.

P.S. Don’t forget to cuddle up with something comfy…

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