Andy Warhol Exhibit at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Florida

Selby Gardens/Matthew Holler Copyright: 2018 | Oversize, fabricated hibiscus flowers provide a colorful, waterfront scene that celebrates nature as art.

There’s something to be said about Andy Warhol‘s work – he was a pioneer. And, with the closing of Interview magazine earlier this month, a magazine in which he founded (along with British journalist John Wilcock) in 1969, highlighting this exhibit currently on display in Florida seemed like a must-do.

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Held at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida, Warhol’s work has come alive in a whole new way in the exhibit, “Warhol: Flowers in the Factory”.

Selby Gardens/Matthew Holler Copyright: 2018 | A gallery room features four silkscreen prints of Flowers, as well as early and later works by the artist from the1950s through 1980s that focus on floral imagery.

“Consummately cosmopolitan and cool, Andy Warhol in the great outdoors seems like an oxymoron. Yet, the groundbreaking artist known for his Pop Art multiples of celebrities and soup cans created more than 10,000 images of flowers over the course of his career,” the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens shared. “[This exhibit looks at] the surprising and little examined role of nature in Warhol’s art and life.”

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Not only will you find images of Warhol’s floral-inspired work but also archival photographs of Warhol at his home in Montauk – in The Hamptons – to Connecticut, and of his friends from The Factory.

Selby Gardens/Matthew Holler Copyright: 2018 | The first gallery guests encounter showcases photography of Andy Warhol immersed in nature, including boating and skiing.

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The exhibit goes beyond photographs and paintings and extends into the gardens and conservatory of Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.

Selby Gardens/Matthew Holler Copyright: 2018 | Groupings of orchids, succulents and mosses in angled column displays dot the path through the conservatory.

The exhibit, “Warhol: Flowers in the Factory”, is curated by Carol Ockman, Ph.D., curator-at-large of Marie Selby Botanical Gardens and the Robert Sterling Clark Professor of Art History at Williams College and runs through 30 June 2018.