Alli Martinez on Life as a Model, Fitness and Her Model Muse

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Before we get to our interview with Alli Martinez, who has posed for Bianca Coletti Swim and Montce Swim and has been spotted in Sports Illustrated, we are going to take you straight into a day with Alli.

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As shared with us by Alli…

“The day usually starts early, so before I make my way to the location I make sure to eat a healthy breakfast to give me energy to start the day.

The first thing I do on set is get my hair and makeup done. This typically takes about an hour and a half. Skin and hair care is an essential part of my job. I am extremely regimented with skin care and hair care. It’s an essential part of my job, and I know that what I do at home makes the makeup artists’ and hair stylists’ job that much easier on set.

Once the hair and makeup process is finished, it’s time to start working.

Each job is different, so what you shoot all day depends on what the client is looking for. Some days you shoot a few looks on location and other days you shoot 50+ looks in a studio. This week in particular, I shot 236 bikini looks in a studio for the client’s website. It’s definitely physically exhausting when you’re on your feet modeling for 8+ hours, but I absolutely love my job and the opportunities and relationships that have come from it.

The most satisfying words to hear after a long day are ‘that’s a wrap.’ That’s when you know that the client and photographer got what they wanted, and you can finally get some food and head home.”

Ph: rudyduboue
Ph: rudyduboue

Now that you are in a model state-of-mind, onto the interview…

MalenDyer: Let’s start with the basics – what drew you to the modeling world?
Alli Martinez: I love creativity and modeling is my way to channel that. There’s always a concept and inspiration behind a shoot and if I can successfully portray that then I know I’ve done my job.

“I absolutely love my job and the opportunities and relationships that have come from it.”

MD: As it was your work with Bianca Coletti that you first crossed our path, share with us how you first got started with her? And, any insight you can share into the “Bond” shoot?
AM: I actually began that collaboration with the photographer who shot the editorial – Travis Teate. I was inspired by the Bond girl concept and started tossing ideas back and forth with him until we finalized the concept for the shoot. Travis loved Bianca Coletti’s collection because it really exuded the strong, sporty and sexy vibe that a Bond girl would have. He reached out to Bianca Coletti to ask if we could feature some pieces from her swimwear collection in our shoot and she was happy to supply the swimsuits.

Ph: travisteatephotographer
Ph: travisteatephotographer

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MD: Speaking of [James] Bond, as you seem to fit the part quite well, what would your Bond Girl name be?
AM: Oh goodness, Bond Girl names are the best! How am I supposed to compete with Honey Ryder? I guess I would say Kitten Bourée since I am an “Alli-Cat” and Bourée sounds so French and mysterious…

“Bond Girl names are the best. How am I supposed to compete with Honey Ryder?”

MD: We’ve seen you have done editorial and runway work, which do you prefer?
AM: It’s hard to pick! I love runway because it’s really high-energy and it’s amazing to be the first to display a designer’s collection. They invest their heart and soul into their collections, and I’m always honored to be a part of that. There’s definitely an excitement factor that can’t be paralleled when you walk down the runway.

AM: On the other hand, I find editorial work extremely fulfilling. I love working with the photographers, makeup artists, stylists, art directors, etc. to help manifest the creative vision that inspired the shoot. And then it’s so rewarding to see the ideas come to fruition in the final images. So, I’m 50/50 on this one.

Ph: allimartinez/instagram
Ph: allimartinez/instagram

MD: Which brand(s) would you like to work with that you haven’t yet worked with?
AM: One brand that I’ve always wanted to work for is Guess. The campaigns they release are unparalleled. It would be a dream to work with that production team – not to mention, the “Guess Girl” look is truly iconic. I love how Guess embraces a woman’s sexiness in a classic and beautiful way. Guess is truly timeless. I am still obsessed over the Guess ads from the 90s.

MD: Your “sport” shots have caught our attention. How do you stay active when you aren’t modeling?
AM: I’m a huge believer that a healthy body = a healthy mind = a healthy spirit. This little mantra inspired my passion for fitness. I love to challenge myself and my workouts allow me to do that. I weight train four days a week and the other three days I find a different way to get active. I love outdoor workouts!

Ph: allimartinez/instagram
Ph: allimartinez/instagram

“I’m a huge believer that a healthy body = a healthy mind = a healthy spirit.”

Ph: tirro_
Ph: tirro_

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MD: How would you describe your “off duty” style?
AM: I love fashion, so I’m constantly looking for new pieces that fit my style. I definitely try to keep it simple though. I love trying new trends, but nothing beats a pair of jeans that fit just right, a tight tee or bodysuit and a good pair of booties.

“Guess is truly timeless. I am still obsessed over the Guess ads from the 90s.”

MD: Who is your model muse?
AM: Hands down Candice Swanepoel. She embodies everything it means to be a supermodel. Her skill as a model is incomparable today – she moves fluidly and gracefully, but there’s strength in everything she does. She’s the definition of a muse.

Ph: zavierdeangelo
Ph: zavierdeangelo | Alli channeling her inner swan…

MD: What would we find you reading right now?
AM: Most of my reading happens on planes these days. I try to spend those hours lost in a book. Although, the endless movie titles are tempting. The last book I read was actually a mystery novel by Jodi Picoult called “Perfect Match“.

MD: With 2017 right around the corner, what are you most looking forward to accomplishing in the new year?
AM: For the new year, I’m really looking forward to working as much as possible. I really dedicated the majority of 2016 to finishing my Bachelor’s degree in business management. So, this year I’m excited to put all of my energy into my modeling career.

Ph: allimartinez/instagram
Ph: allimartinez/instagram

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