Alessandra Ambrosio and Johannes Huebl for RIMOWA

Photo: RIMOWA 2015/2016 Lookbook

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Well, that’s what we are about to do.

Alessandra Ambrosio and Johannes Huebl are the faces of RIMOWA’s 2015/2016 lookbook.

Here’s some information from the luggage brand about their 2015/2016 lookbook.

“‘A journey through time’ is the title of the new RIMOWA lookbook and an invitation to visit an era long since passed, but one which saw some major milestones in the development of the company.”

“After all, the glamour of the 1920s was not only influenced by the Hollywood dream factory; progress in aviation also shaped the decade.”

“In 1919, Hugo Junkers presented the mother of all commercial aircraft, the Junkers F13. This was the first all-metal passenger aircraft in the world, giving many people the opportunity to experience more than they ever thought possible. The plane was built from aircraft aluminium, which was discovered by Alfred Wilm in 1906.”

“Richard Morszeck, son of company founder Paul Morszeck, drew his inspiration from air travel. In 1950, he launched a suitcase with the distinctive groove design made from the same material, thereby creating the lightest luggage the world had ever seen.”

“Even back then, RIMOWA set the trend for lightweight construction – a pioneering achievement in the industry.”

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Take a look at the gallery below for some of the pictures from the lookbook, which were shot by Horst Diekgerdes.

Airplanes, cars, Alessandra and Johannes – yes, we are liking this.

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Plus, you know we have a thing for traveling…