A Tale of Cycling the Col du Tourmalet, a short story – Stacy Active, #Md2 for Spring 2017

J. Fueller

The famed Col du Tourmalet sits in the Hautes-Pyrénées in southwest France, near the Spanish border, and it is categorized as an HC climb – a Hors catégorie or simply “beyond categorization. It is a climb that has been featured in the Tour de France (TDF) around 85 times. It is the most used climb in the legendary race*. It has seen summit finishes and rides up its east and west sides. It’s safe to say the Col du Tourmalet is a ride on the list of all cyclists – from professionals to amateurs to simply cycling enthusiasts.

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Speaking of cycling enthusiasts. Enjoy this story of Jason and Anna. A couple that decides to take on the legendary Col du Tourmalet.

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“Alright, the climb doesn’t look that bad. It’s around 25 km (about 15 mi),” Anna excitedly said.

Jason looked up at her with a perplexed look. He wasn’t quite sure she realized what they were about to undertake.

“That is true, although, from the Sainte-Marie-de-Campan side (the eastern side), we got about 1,268 m (4,160 ft) of climbing ahead of us. Additionally, you do realize that we would be climbing at an average grade of 7.4%? And, we would reach a maximum grade of 12%? And, we would be at a total altitude of about 2,115 m (6,939 ft)?”

“Yes!” Anna quickly replied. By now, she could barely contain her enthusiasm for the adventure that waited…

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