A Safari Adventure

Photo: madelinejoyrelph/instagram

We love animals.

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Yes, we’ll come right out and say it.

There are majestic animals, clever animals, swift animals and so many more.

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In honor of this animal love, for this edition of Otter Escape, we are taking a Safari Adventure.

Grab your binoculars, your fashionable khakis and safari hat and let’s get going with our tour guide, Australian Madeline Joy Relph.

“I get excited when I see a cow on the side of the road, let alone an elephant!!” – Madeline Joy

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Driver, stop! “Elephants are my favorite.”

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Talk about an amazing photo backdrop!

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Time to keep this adventure moving…

We are heading to the desert!

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After that action-packed journey, it’s time to cool off…

Here’s our guide in an Amore & Sorvete bikini in Marrakech…

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Let’s get back to the explorations!

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Meeting and getting to know the locals and the local culture is a must-do when traveling

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The perfect way to end this Otter Escape is not to be fooled by an oasis and to…

Find some shade to keep cool from the sun.

Here’s Madeline Joy in Tigerlily Swimwear

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We are starting to think Madeline loves elephants as much as we love otters?!

Yeah, we aren’t sure that’s possible…