A Look at Vintage-Inspired Luggage

Photo: globetrotter1897/instagram

Traveling can be a chore or it can be an indication a fun adventure awaits.

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We like to think of the latter.

As we have a love of vintage fashion and a love of travel, we thought it would be fitting to combine those two loves and look at vintage-inspired luggage.

There’s something special about leveraging trunks for suitcases – Mr. Louis Vuitton was on to something!

We invite you to draw inspiration from this luggage or get ready to head out to your nearest shop to find some trunks of your own.

Whichever option you choose, let’s get this vintage-inspired journey underway…

Besides trunks, there are other vintage-inspired luggage you can choose from to still exude that feeling of yesteryear…

The true beauty of vintage products is the attention to detail, not only on the outside but in the inside as well.

Case in point is Globe-Trotter products, as seen below with their collaboration with Hermès.

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Whenever trunks are involved, we think some amazing adventure must await, which these Louis Vuitton images depict so well…

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Of course, no matter which luggage you have, we all seem to have the same problem when trying to make our way back home…

To conclude this vintage-inspired luggage post, we’ll leave you with a clip from Hermès.

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Wherever your travels take you, now you have some vintage-inspired luggage to make them that more Otterlicious.