A Little Ballet and A Little L.A.

Samantha Miller is a self-described “ballerina, actress and writer running around L.A. in cowboy boots and a Princeton sweatshirt.”

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In the video “Comfortable” by Brandontory, Samantha caught our eye as one of the ballet dancers.

According to Princeton University Ballet, “Samantha, a proud South Carolinian, began dancing at the age of two. Over the years, she has trained at the York County Ballet School, South Carolina Governor’s School, North Carolina School of the Arts and summer programs with ABT and SFB.”

“She has performed many works by seminal choreographers, including Balanchine, Cunningham, Robbins, Forsythe and others.”

Although we are fans of ballet – something so beautiful about the movement and gracefulness of the body – there is another reason why this video with Samantha is making our Otter Pick list.

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Samantha has taken her passion for ballet to the urban playground of Los Angeles, and we are loving the combination.

In this Instagram series, she worked with Seth Iliff, freelance cinematographer, and it speaks for itself.

A video posted by Samantha Miller (@mssamiller) on

A video posted by Samantha Miller (@mssamiller) on

A video posted by Samantha Miller (@mssamiller) on

Otter Fun Fact: Samantha was featured in the ballet magazine Pointe.

For more Otterlicious goodness, here is shot of Samantha out of the ballet shoes.

What we wonder is if she is overlooking a bay full of otters?

A photo posted by Samantha Miller (@mssamiller) on

That was fun! We are sure it’s now back to the dance studio!

Wait. We have one more video for you. Samantha was also featured, along with Laura Hand of the Joffrey Ballet, for AG in the ad for the brand’s Contour 360 “powerful performance stretch” denim.

Now, feel free to re-watch any of the above, we wouldn’t blame you if you did!