Yoga with Yasmin Shima

Photo: gypset_society/instagram

Yasmin Shima is a freelance content creator for boutique brands and a creative consultant for the restaurant, The Plant Gallery.

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More importantly, Yasmin caught our attention with her many yoga snaps and inspirational quotes that go along with many of them.

For this installment of Otter Workout, we are going to focus on even more than the body.

With that said, let’s hand it over to Yasmin…

“The Law of Detachment. Allow yourself and others the freedom to be who they are. Do not force solutions — allow solutions to spontaneously emerge. Uncertainty is essential, and your PATH to FREEDOM.”

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“If you get a chance take it, if it changes your life, let it. Nobody said it’d be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.”

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“Love without condition, talk without bad intention, give without reason, care without expectation.”

“The only thing we can hold onto is eternal breath within our soul and fire in our hearts.”

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“Gratitude opens the heart and creates space for joy.”

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Above: Wearing bikini from Neyku Swim.

“Life is a dance with the sea – always moving, wildly rushing or slow and elegant, no two steps are ever the same.”

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It’s true…

From the views to the poses to the words, we feel refreshed and renewed!

Now, how can we top this…