Weekly Catch for 4 March – Model, Fashion, Culture and Men’s Corner News

Photo: billabong

It’s the season of layers right now. One day we have one on and the next day it’s multiple. If anything, it allows us to have some fun with fashion, take our bikes for a spin when we least expect it and take late night walks around the city – we’ll take what we get when we can get it.

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For this edition of Weekly Catch, you’ll be able to get caught up on all of the model, fashion, culture and men’s corner news you missed while you were out enjoying your days.


Karolina Kurkova

Celebrated a birthday on Wednesday. The model shared this on social media.

“For me, the most important part of my birthday is getting to spend it with the ones I love! Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes! Happy Birthday to me!”

Photo: karolinakurkova/instagram
Photo: karolinakurkova/instagram

Photo: karolinakurkova/instagram
Photo: karolinakurkova/instagram
Natalia Vodianova

Also celebrated a birthday on Wednesday. Happy birthday! Let the celebrations continue…

Photo: natasupernova/instagram
Photo: natasupernova/instagram

Erin Heatherton

Rounding out the birthday news, is Erin Heatherton who is celebrating a birthday today! We are hoping for many more amazing birthdays. xx

Photo: erinheathertonlegit/instagram
Photo: erinheathertonlegit/instagram


Billabong x Andy Warhol

Billabong’s LAB division has collaborated with The Andy Warhol Foundation on a surf collection for women and men.

Photo: warhol-billabong
Photo: warhol-billabong
Photo: warhol-billabong
Photo: warhol-billabong

“Warhol’s rebellious spirit and attraction to non-conformists led him to southern California in 1968 where he spent two weeks filming surfers as part of his underground film San Diego Surf,” the brand shared. “The Foundation is proud to collaborate with Billabong to celebrate individuals who refuse to be defined by convention.”

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Has released their latest accessories collection.

“Pair bright neons with gold reflector shades and a wide brim straw hat, for a playful and protected style of choice. Or, opt for an oversized bag, pastel beach towel and fedora styled hat to make your prints pop,” Seafolly commented. “If you’re feeling sporty, channel your inner sport-luxe with chick black one pieces, metallic bags and leather-look caps. Beach styling is all about the accessories.”

Photo: seafolly australia
Photo: seafolly australia

Shop the Above at seafolly.com.


Has released a short film, “Gabrielle, A Rebel at Heart”, which pays tribute to its founder – Coco Chanel. This marks the 18th film in the “Inside Chanel” series.


New York’s Waldorf Astoria

Closed on Wednesday for renovations. The hotel will go under renovation for two years, according to the NY Post, with many rooms converting to condos.

Read more at nypost.com.

Men’s Corner


Has released an ad for its 354-hp Audi S5 coupe. Here’s an overview of the ad from the brand.

“Sometimes, to tame a monster, you have to unleash one of your own. In an epic battle of wills between man and beast, the powerful 354-hp Audi S5 coupe proves to be the ultimate secret weapon. Prepare to step into the arena as Audi delivers another show-stopping performance.”

Read more at audi.us.

A Story of the Saleen S7

“I grew up in Dearborn, Mich., the headquarters of Ford Motor Company, and my father was a career Ford executive. I followed him into the industry, working for years in automotive banking. Living on Long Island, you see a lot of car culture—proud owners of Ferraris and Lamborghinis. That never appealed to me. I wanted something that could run with those cars. But I wanted it to be American-made…”

Photo: wsj
Photo: wsj

Read more at wsj.com.

From Sand To Snow

“Yvonne, the old proprietor of the bar at Camp d’Argent ski station is puzzled as to why two cyclists should arrive at her establishment just as the sun is setting and the last of the lessons for the kids on school holidays are finishing. ‘Where have you come from?’ she asked. It was the question Kieran had been waiting for: ‘The beach in Menton of course!’…”

Photo: cafe du cycliste - matt wragg
Photo: cafe du cycliste – matt wragg

Read more at cafeducycliste.com.

Paris-Nice 2017

Begins tomorrow. This cycling race kicks off on Sunday 5 March and runs through Sunday 12 March. There are eight stages and cyclists will cover a a total distance of 1,233.5 km (roughly 766 mi). This year marks the 75th edition of the Paris-Nice race.

Read more at letour.com.

Until next week…