Happy Birthday To Alber Elbaz Who Says It the Way It Is

Photo: Lanvin official/Instagram

Although we tend to only formally celebrate the birthdays of models, we do make some exceptions.

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In this case, we had to celebrate the birthday of Alber Elbaz who is also the creative director of Lanvin.

What makes him so special you ask?

He says it the way it is.

Mr. Elbaz spoke with Alina Cho at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was reported on by Page Six.

His thoughts on Instagram…

“I look at it at night, I look at it in the morning.”

“It makes me feel so bad. I see these people and I know them, and Wednesday night they’re in Beijing for Dior and on Thursday they are in Barcelona…On Friday, they are just having a bit of a ski…I’m looking at just a simple dinner and even the mozzarella looks sexy. Then here I am with ketchup and tomato from last week, going to work, just making sure other people have a glamorous life.”

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He later added, “Everyone thinks that in fashion we are waking up at, like, midday with a glass of Champagne…[But] we’re always afraid or we don’t want to share this moment of simplicity and vulnerability and imperfection. But this is what life is all about.”

Although we see the irony in this, we are going to take a look at some Lanvin Instagram snaps to help celebrate the day.

A photo posted by LANVIN (@lanvinofficial) on

A photo posted by LANVIN (@lanvinofficial) on

A photo posted by LANVIN (@lanvinofficial) on

A photo posted by LANVIN (@lanvinofficial) on

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Alber – wherever you are today – we hope you have the most Otterlicious birthday.