Time2Bath Beach Towels

Photo: time2bath/Instagram

We love our beach towels.

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Beach towels are a practical and necessary.

You need a beach bag, sun hat, jewelry and one Otterlicious beach towel.

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Time2Bath is a Danish company that recently came across our radar.

Their towels are made from Turkish cotton and offer a classic spin on the beach towel.

Let’s take a mini beach towel adventure with Time2Bath.

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We are loving these colors – so bold and bright.

They are begging us to bring them to the water.

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We do enjoy ourselves a good picnic.

Otter Tip: Time2Bath’s towels are thinner, which makes the ability for them to multi-task much easier than with a thicker towel. Having at least one of these type of towels on hand is a beach must.

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The brand also carries soy candles, which we think are a perfect post-beach simple pleasure must.

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Plus, the setup Time2Bath has laid out – a glass of champagne, the candle burning and one of their towels – is quite Otterlicious.

We approve!

Plush yet thin towels – that’s going to be hard to top.