Interview with Model Tessa Maye

Photo: assetmaye/instagram

Tessa Maye was our first pick for our Otter Model Spotlight. In turn, for our first installment of Otter Ten, it only seemed fitting to have Tessa kick-off this venture.

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Within the Otter Ten series, you’ll find answers from our fav models on a very Otterlicious series of questions.

In case you missed Tessa in our Otter Model Spotlight, be sure to check out the beach-filled adventure here: Otter Model Spotlight – Tessa Maye.

Courtesy/Tessa Maye
Courtesy/Tessa Maye

Enough with the introduction, let’s get to the Q&A with Tessa!

1.  What do we find in your beach bag?

“I have a slight addiction to crochet bikinis. Eau Thermale Avene SPF 50, cashew nuts, coconut water, a Turkish towel, a disposable camera and Ray-Bans [are also in there].”

Tessa directed us to the swimwear brand, Akoia Swim, which she described as “pretty much the dream.”

2. What’s your must-do workout? Or, do you have a secret workout tip?

“Walk up and down every escalator and use the stairs whenever possible. Try to find an exercise you actually enjoy, whether it’s pole dancing, yoga, rock climbing, whatever!”

Photo: assetmaye/instagram
Photo: assetmaye/instagram

3. How do you prepare for a long flight?

“Water, water, water!”

“Last year, I took three separate flights to Australia from London, with Turkey, New York, L.A., Bali, Hamburg, Ibiza and Scotland trips scattered in-between. Modeling means some serious air miles.”

“Also, try not to eat massive, heavy meals and try to avoid airplane food. If possible, buy something fresh and nutritious.”

“Try to sleep in the time zone you’re traveling to, always under pack, get everything charged and full of your favorite playlists/TV series and moisturize like your life depends on it.”

“I have By Terry lip balm on me at all times.”

4. What’s on top of your bucket list?

“To see a whale in the wild.”

Photo: assetmaye/instagram
Photo: assetmaye/instagram

5. What’s your must-visit place, if you only had one holiday to plan?

“My must-visit place that I recommend is Oz.”

“Go explore Western Australia and wake up on the beach.”

“My personal dream holiday I haven’t been to yet is Mexico, I’m so excited to see their culture, chaos and beauty, but mainly the food – Mmmm burritos…”

6. What’s your favorite animal?

“Beluga whale.”

7. What does modeling give you?


Photo: assetmaye/instagram
Photo: assetmaye/instagram

8. What did you study for? Or, what did you want to study to be?

“I have a degree from the London College of Fashion. I wanted to have a career in journalism or broadcast, which isn’t too far away from what I’m doing; it’s just I’ve gone down a slightly different path. Life is pretty wonderful like that.”

9. What’s your must-have beauty product?

“Coconut oil.”

10. What’s your favorite beach activity?

“Surfing, although that would lead you to believe I was actually ok, instead of wiping out on rocks and coral most of the time – which is actually strangely fun too.”

“Does watching hot surfers count?”

We say, “Yes!”

Bonus Question: What’s your favorite beach read?

“The book in my bag at the moment is the ‘Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.'”


“[The beach] is a great time to catch up with my favorite magazines like Elle and Women’s Health, but I find the ocean too distracting and always end up jumping in.”

We hear you!

Photo: assetmaye/instagram
Photo: assetmaye/instagram

Be sure to follow Tessa on Instagram @assetmaye and stay up-to-date on all of her adventures.