Interview with Model and Surfer Imogen Caldwell

Photo: imogencaldwell/Instagram | Tom Hawkins

For our latest Otter Ten, we are heading to Australia.

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Model, surfer and beach-lover Imogen Caldwell, who we might add also seems fond of vintage cars, is our interviewee for this installment of the Otter Ten.

Photo: imogencaldwell/instagram
Photo: imogencaldwell/instagram

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Photo: Courtesy/Sylvè Colless
Photo: Courtesy/Sylvè Colless

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Time to turn it over to Imogen!

MalenDyer: What do we find in your beach bag?
Imogen Caldwell: Usually I only carry a surfboard to the beach. If there are no waves, a big beach blanket, fruit, water and puppy toys!!

MD: What’s your must-do workout? Or, do you have a secret workout tip?
IC: Surfing – besides that? Diving – it uses so many muscles and it’s fun at the same time!

MD: How do you prepare for a long flight?
IC: Make sure I’ve got plenty of music and movies ready!

MD: What’s on top of your bucket list?
IC: It changes regularly but at the moment – sky diving!

MD: What’s your must-visit place, if you only had one holiday to plan?
IC: I’m slowly crossing them off the list. Right now, at the top, is Fiji.

MD: What’s your favorite animal?
IC: Siberian Huskies.

MD: What does modeling give you?
IC: The freedom to travel.

MD: What’s your must-have beauty product?
IC: Coconut oil – it is the answer to everything!

MD: What’s your favorite beach activity?
IC: Surfing.

MD: What’s your favorite beach read?
IC: Can’t take my eyes off our new puppy long enough to read a book!

Photo: imogencaldwell/instagram
Photo: imogencaldwell/instagram

We can see why!

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We are ready to grab our surfboard, or at least attempt our hand at the sport again, and find us some waves.

Until next time, we are certain we know where we’ll find Imogen!

Connect with Imogen:
Instagram @imogencaldwell